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A City and Street Name search is the most common way to find properties.

Building numbers and street names may have changed over time. Some buildings may have more than one address (e.g. located on corners, multi-tenant commercial buildings).

Property Name searches: search by the most distinctive word in the name, not the full name, given the potential for not matching every word ("Atkinson" vs "Atkinson Memorial Congregation Church"). Two-word searches work only if the words are in exactly that order in the database (e.g. "Memorial Church" won't work for example above).

Try alternative spellings of names if your initial search wasn't successful ("Anderson" vs "Andersen").

Property Name searches look in both the "Historic Name" and "Other Names" fields for matches, increasing the chances of locating a property that may have multiple names.

Use fewer search criteria initially in order to capture the broadest range of properties. Example: all 1930s Art Deco city halls in the Willamette Valley - search first for just Art Deco (Style) and City Hall (Original Use); no need to enter counties or date ranges. Add more criteria as necessary to refine your results.

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